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The MSU operates on a single operating fee, collected annually from full-time undergraduate students. The 2023-24 MSU Operating fee is $152.79. The MSU oversees the good governance of other students fees as well, including the student health and dental insurance premiums and the HSR bus pass fee. Below is a breakdown of the fees collected by the MSU, as well as McMaster University, and various faculty / program socialites. You can also find the list here.

In addition, the MSU’s annual operating budget, along with multiple years’ audited statements can be found on this page.

Jess Anderson was Vice-President (Finance) in 2020-2021. For more information about the Vice-President (Finance) and the MSU Board of Directors, please click here.

Annual MSU operating budget, as approved by the Student Representative Assembly:

The MSU subjects itself to an annual audited of its financial operations, conducted by experts in the field:

Detailed McMaster University student fee information:

Fees managed by the McMaster Students Union (MSU), on behalf of undergraduate students: