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Health Plan

The MSU Health Insurance plans covers full-time undergraduate students at McMaster University enrolled in 18 units or more, at a rate of $108.00 per person for the 23/24 school year. Coverage runs from September 1st to August 31st.

Through contractual agreements, the following McMaster students are also covered:

  • Midwifery Students
  • Commerce Internship Students
  • Undergraduate Medical Students

Part-time Students may opt into the MSU plans in September and January. Please visit the MAPS website for more information.

Graduate Students are NOT covered by this plan. Please visit the GSA website for more information.

For more information on coverage, claims or other frequently asked questions, please click on the sections below.

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Click on the image below to download the full brochure for coverage details.

MSU Health and Dental Insurance Booklet for the 2022 and 2023 policy year


Prescription Drugs:

Prescription drugs may be purchased at the pharmacy of your choice. For pharmacies who have electronic claiming, please present your student card and the following information:

Group Number: 515324
Provider: ClaimSecure
Certificate #: Your 9-digit student ID plus M (ex:123456789M)

All Other Claims:

For all other claims, you will be required to pay for the full cost of the service or treatment and submit your original receipts to the Plan Adjudicator, or by creating an e-profile at*Note that claims are not processed through the MSU Main Office*

Download Health Plan claim forms below:

MSU Prescription Drug Claim Form

MSU Vision Care Claim Form

MSU Accident Claim Form

MSU Major Medical Expense Claim Form

Where to Submit Your Claims Forms:

ClaimSecure is the adjudicator for the MSU Health Insurance Plan.  All health insurance claims for reimbursment are to be submitted to:

PO Box 6500 Stn A
Sudbury, Ontario  P3A 5N5

For inquiries on claims that have already been submitted, please call We Speak Student/ACL Student Benefits at: 1-800-315-1108

1. May I co-ordinate this plan with another benefit plan?

Yes! Be advised that your school insurance is your primary insurance. You will need to submit any claims to the MSU Health Insurance plan before you submit your claim to any other insurance plan that you currently have.

2. Are natural medicines covered under the Health Plan?

No, natural medicines are NOT covered under the MSU Health Insurance Plan.

3. Why did the pharmacy tell me that I am not covered when I have paid my fees?

We do have a “black out period” during the months of September until mid-October while the opt-out period is in effect. If you are picking up a prescription during the month of September, please note that pharmacies will require you to pay for the prescription in full and submit to the Insurance company for reimbursement. If you send in a claim during this time, reimbursement  will not be issued until late October.

This Insurance plan only covers undergraduate students, so if you are a graduate student, you will not be on these lists.

If your name isn’t showing up when making an electronic claim at a pharmacy after the opt-out period, please contact the Administrative Services Coordinator via email at for more information about your concern.

4. What prescription drugs are covered under the Health Plan?

We cover so many prescription medicines, it is better for us to list what we DO NOT cover, which includes the following:

  • Preventative medicines
  • Anti-smoking medicines
  • Hair loss drugs
  • Weight loss drugs
  • Over-the-counter drugs, whether prescribed or not; except those drugs prescribed in the treatment of arthritis, acne, allergies, vaginal yeast infections, and diabetes (including insulin, syringes, and diagnostic kits).

5. How do I submit an accidental benefits claim?

Accident claims (such as physio, braces, dental, chiro, etc) should be paid for by the Insured (student), in full at the time of the treatment. There is only coverage for accident claims if they are due to an accident which happened while the Insured was covered under the Health Plan. You must obtain a claim form, have it filled out by yourself, the attending physician, and the Plan Administrator (located in MUSC 201). Once this is filled out you will send this in with any receipts to the insurance company.

6. Can I submit my claims electronically instead of through mail?

Yes! You can now sign up for an eProfile for online claiming through We Speak Student and ClaimSecure. You can find the portal at Please note that the portal will only accept submissions after the blackout period of September 1st to mid-October.

7. If I opt-out of the plan, can I opt back in, in the event of a situation change?

No, there is no “opt-in” option to the plan. So it is wise to keep the Health Plan as a back up.

8. Can I pay for additional coverage (example: more prescription coverage) at an extra cost?

The only coverage that the plan offers is what is detailed on this website. There can be no increases or decreases in coverage.

9. Can I add my family members to the plan?

Yes! You may add on your spouse and/or dependant children to the Health Plan. Click HERE for more information.