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McMaster Students Union Inc.  

Request for Proposal  

Who We Are  

The McMaster Students Union (MSU) is a not-for-profit student association at McMaster University representing all full-time undergraduate students.  The MSU is managed by a four member, annually elected student Board of Directors supported predominately by a General Manager.    

The purpose of the MSU is to draw into a true society, all students at McMaster University. In pursuit of this, it will foster activities and events which will enhance the University experience of its members and contribute to the life of the University as a whole. Further, it will seek to facilitate communication between the student body, the University, and other organizations and will organize and regulate student self-government.   

The MSU provides services to over 25,800 full time undergraduate students. Some of these services include Food and Beverage Services, Media, Advocacy, Campus Events, Emergency First Response Team, Clubs and a Child Care Centre.    

For additional information about the McMaster Students Union, please visit the rest of our website that you are currently on: http://www.msumcmaster.ca  

Purpose of RFP  

The MSU is seeking proposals from qualified law firms or legal professionals to provide comprehensive legal services.  Annually, our organization requires legal counsel to for support that includes but are not limited to; contract negotiation, media liability, human resources support, litigation, and not-for profit compliance. 

We are particularly interested in firms or professionals local to the Golden Horseshoe area that have demonstrated expertise and experience in the not-for-profit sector, preferably with Student Unions. This is not a requirement. Additionally, we value proactive communication, responsiveness, ability to facilitate amicable resolutions and cost-effectiveness in our legal partners.  Our previous relationship with our legal counsel extended over 25 years, and we hope to replicate that with you.    

We invite you to submit your proposal by Friday April 19th at 4 pm.  Please include the following;  

  1. Firms area of expertise 
  2. Relationship contact for MSU. Please elaborate on contact’s relevant experience.
  3. Pricing Structure
  4. Why your firm? Please no more than two pages 
  5. References 

  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to reviewing your proposal.  Our goal is to review submissions and meet with a few interested parties before a decision is made.   

 Should you have any questions or require further information or wish to submit a response, please do not hesitate to contact John McGowan, General Manager at gm@msu.mcmaster.ca  

 Thank you for your interest. 

Job Features

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Submit RFP response to: John McGowan, General Manager at gm@msu.mcmaster.ca