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McMaster Dungeons And Dragons

The McMaster DnD club is about playing Dungeons and Dragons, a collaborative improvisation game. Our goal is to provide a space for community, self-expression, and fun for students as well as communities in need outside of McMaster. This club would allow members to come together once a week, and embody unique characters in another world. They would be working together with others to solve problems, overcome challenges, and save/improve the world they find themselves in. Players will find solace in community, and a fun escape from the stresses of day-to-day living. DnD is a great environment to learn social-emotional learning, practice social fluency, and interact with peers. Additionally, having a dedicated time and space to just relax and be someone and somewhere else is an invaluable resource for anyone. The McMaster DnD club intends to bring that resource to many communities within and outside of the campus, such as at risk youth.