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McMaster German Cultural Club (MGCC)

The MGCC is a community dedicated to promoting the German language and culture at Mac! We are a club comprised of both German students and those interested in learning more about the culture and/or language. We host social events throughout the year for our members to practice their language skills, make connections with other students in the community, and celebrate German culture.

Some of our events include:

– Intercultural soccer tournament: Join other cultural clubs in a friendly soccer tournament in September/October!

– Oktoberfest: A night for our members to come together with food and music!

– Pretzel night: Join us to learn how to make authentic German pretzels!

– Board Games night: All of our members are invited to join us for a night of board games, German snacks, and good company.

– Movie night: Come develop your German speaking skills by watching a German movie (with English subtitles, of course).

– Skating at Pier 8: Join us for an afternoon of skating at Pier 8 to start the winter off right!

….. And more!