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The MSU represents full-time undergraduate students at McMaster University.  The MSU purpose is to draw into a true society all students at McMaster University. In pursuit of this, it will foster activities and events, which will enhance the University experience of its members and contribute to the life of the University as a whole. Further, it will seek to facilitate communication between the student body, the University and other organizations and will organize and regulate student self-government.

General Purpose & Scope 

The Senior IT Technician shall oversee all facets of the MSU’s networks, servers, workstations, printers and copiers, and any other peripheral technological systems owned by the MSU as a support to the Director of ITThe Senior IT Technician shall serve as a key stakeholder in the maintenance and growth of the MSU’s technological infrastructure, consulting on matters of system security, user access and training, and appropriate management of all instruments used throughout the organization. The Senior IT Technician offers an additional voice in conversations concerning the purchase, maintenance, and subsequent removal/replacement of any technological instruments within the MSU. The primary duties of the Senior IT Technician, nonetheless, fall within the realm of organizational support and advisement rather than organization-wide IT development. 

Please note this is a full-time, permanent position. This posting will close on Tuesday, December 7th at 11:59pm.

Duties Responsibilities 

Supervision/Professional Development

  • Oversee the operations of the IT Department as it relates to the duties of the Junior IT Technician(s). 
  • Develop and implement training and on-boarding materials/procedures to assist with transition within the IT Department. 
  • Execute performance reviews of supervisees to evaluate the efficacy of work and to identify and address any areas in need of additional support. 
  • Delegate projects and regular tasks across the IT Department, where appropriate. 


  • Draft and submit purchase proposals for the obtainment of hardware, software, or other peripheral technological goods or services, where appropriate. 
  • Assist the IT Department in the appropriate upkeep of the MSU’s servers, workstations, printers/copiers, and any other peripheral technological systems owned by the MSU. 
  • Assist the IT Department with the maintenance of organization disaster recovery initiatives via system archives, backup plans, and emergency security procedures/systems. 
  • Maintain inventory of all technological instruments and systems.  

Internal Communications/Collaboration

  • Meet regularly with the IT Department to establish clear expectations and robust support for all IT staff. 
  • Meet regularly with the Director of IT to ensure technological issues receive appropriate attention and resources. 
  • Maintain appropriate and effective communication with all IT staff. 
  • Participate in regular performance reviews, as conducted by the Director of IT, to evaluate the efficacy of work and to identify and address any areas in need of additional support. 
  • Provide technical support when questions and issues arise from other MSU staff members, in conjunction with the IT Department. 
  • Facilitate systemwide upgrades to MSU software, hardware, or other technological peripherals communicate appropriate information to MSU users. 
  • Coordinate with MSU staff members in the implementation of data file organization systems. 
  • Collaborate with MSU staff and students as a member of the Information Systems Committee, in accordance with Operating Policy – Information Systems Committee. 
  • Collaborate with other MSU Departments to ensure the continuity of operations within externally provided software systems (e.g., human resources/payroll, accounting, etc.). 


  • Assist the Director of IT in the research, ordering, configuration, and distribution of all new technological systems where appropriate or in accordance with an approved depreciation schedule. 
  • Assist with development of systems for the storage and organization of data files within MSU-owned systems and devices, including, but not limited to: 
  • Networked servers; 
  • Microsoft OneDrive;  
  • MSU websites; and 
  • Other MSU-owned devices, where appropriate. 


  • Research, order, configure, and distribute all new technological systems where appropriate, in conjunction with the IT Department. 
  • Help the IT Department in the appraisal of the value of technological systems or parts for resale, where appropriate. 
  • Schedule appropriate time windows for network maintenance/downtime. 


  • Establish and maintain all user accounts and permissions for file access. 
  • Prioritize multiple concurrent tasks as it relates to the urgency and importance of technological issues as they arise. 
  • Offer firmware/hardware technical support for any staff member(s) in need of additional technical expertise as it pertains to: 
  • Windows and/or Apple workstations and/or laptops; 
  • Networked printers and/or photocopiers of various makes/models; and 
  • Other peripherals (modems, switches, routers, USB devices, etc.). 
  • Offer software technical support for any staff member(s) in need of additional technical expertise including, but not limited to, the operations of: 
  • Office Suite; 
  • Antivirus;  
  • Accounting/payroll; 
  • Point of sales (POS) systems; and 
  • Graphic design; scheduling, etc. 

External Communications/Promotions 

  • Address and resolve all issues raised by the Director of IT relating to the MSU’s accounts, equipment, and networkincluding, but not limited to: 
  • Virus and other security issues; 
  • Open ports; 
  • Virtual private network (VPN) requests; and 
  • Specialized server access. 
  • Collaborate with other MSU Departments to liaise and maintain positive working relationships with external software service providers.

 Requirements & Expectations



  • Master’s in Computer Science (or related field) is preferred 


  • 3 years of previous experience with large/multi-purpose network systems 
  • 3 years of previous experience as an IT technician (or related position) 
  • Expertise in administration and management of Microsoft365 including Azure, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, etc.


Physical Effort 

  • Unpacking, relocating, and setting up new technological instruments may require heavy lifting or pushing. 
  • Setting up systems may require work in cramped/awkward spaces (e.g., underneath desks or tables). 

Visual Effort 

  • Eye strain may result from sustained computer monitor usage. 

Mental Effort 

  • High frequency of task-switching may cause mental exhaustion. 
  • High degree of communication requirements may cause mental fatigue. 

 Working Conditions 

Job Pressure 

  • Multiple concurrent issues may result in high amounts of stress. 
  • Sporadic fluctuation in workload due to the often-reactive nature of the IT Department’s role as a support for staff throughout the MSU. 
  • Distractions and interruptions may result in high frequency of task-switching. 

Work Environment 

  • Servicing some devices often requires the opening and cleaning of dirty and/or dusty instruments, where a breathing mask shall be provided. 

 Training & Experience 


  • Experience with operating systems, including: 
    • Windows 7/8/10; and 
    • Mac OS. 
  • Experience with programming languages, including: 
    • Python; 
    • C/C+/C++; or 
    • Java script. 
  • Experience with technological devices, including: 
    • Desktop computers; and 
    • Laptop computers. 
  • Experience with software, including: 
    • Microsoft Office 365; and 
    • Antivirus software. 


  • Experience with programming languages, including, but not limited to: 
    • Microsoft SQL; 
    • R;
    • Python; 
    • CSS; and 
    • HTML. 
  • Experience with operating systems, including, but not limited to: 
    • Linux. 
  • Experience with technological devices, including, but not limited to: 
    • Servers; 
    • Modems and routers; and 
    • POS systems. 
  • Experience with software, including, but not limited to: 
    • E-commerce platforms; 
    • Website platforms;
    • VPNs. 


  • Online EOHSS (AODA, Asbestos Awareness, Ergonomics, Fire Safety, Health & Safety Orientation, WHMIS, Slips, Trips and Falls, Violence and Harassment Prevention in the Workplace, Due Diligence) 
  • Microsoft Office 365 use and navigation. 
  • Recognizing, and responding to disclosures of, sexual and gender-based violence.
  •  Accessibility and disability inclusion. 
  • Anti-racism/anti-oppressive practices. 
  • Space and group facilitation best practices. 
  • 2STLGBQIA+ inclusivity. 
  • Eating disorder awareness and responding to disclosures of disordered eating. 

Materials & Equipment 


  • Dedicated office cubicle 
  • Dedicated MSU computer workstation 
  • Full Microsoft Office 365 access. 
  • Meridian Telephone system with voicemail, where appropriate. 
  • Limited free printer/photocopier access 

The McMaster Students Union (MSU) is strongly committed to employment equity within its community and to recruiting a diverse staff. The MSU encourages applications from all qualified candidates including women, persons with disabilities, First Nations, Métis and Inuit persons, members of racialized communities and 2SLGBTQIA-identified persons. If you require any form of accommodation throughout the recruitment and selection process, please contact the Human Resources Director by email at Please note that the MSU is an independently incorporated students’ union operating within the McMaster University community; this is not a McMaster University position.

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