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Part Time vs. Full Time Student

A student’s undergraduate degree course load in an academic session will remain the principal determinant for membership in either MAPS (1-17 units) or the MSU (18 or more units). Part-time students are represented by the McMaster Association of Part-time Students (MAPS).

In a limited number of cases, transfer of membership will be permitted from one organization to the other. Part-time students who qualify may apply to become members of the MSU.

The form will open on the last day of add/drop on September 16, 2020, and will go until October 17, 2020.

Those transferring from MAPS to MSU can expect the following fees being charged to their student accounts:

2020-2021 MSU Membership Fees
Fees administered by the MSU: 
$122.45 for the MSU Organization Fee;
$103.00 for the MSU Health Plan;
$129.00 for the MSU Dental Plan;
$11.91 for the 93.3 CFMU-FM Operating and Capital Funds;
$1.67 for World University Service of Canada Refugee Scholarship;
$120.98 for HSR Bus Pass, payable to the HSR Transit Commission.
$0.58 per unit to a maximum of 30 units for the MSU-MUSC Operating Fee, payable to MUSC.


Fees administered by non-MSU, non-University bodies:
$1.08 for, and administered by, Incite;
$5.50 for, and administered by, OPIRG-McMaster;
$1.11 for the McMaster Solar Car Project;
$0.41 for, and administered by, Engineers Without Borders;
$1.01 for, and administered by, the McMaster Marching Band.


McMaster University fees, approved by MSU referenda:
$1.29 per unit to a maximum of 30 units for the Transcripts, Letters, Tax Forms & Certificates Fee (Formerly Administrative Services Fee);
$5.10 per unit to a maximum of 30 units for the Sports Complex Building Fee;
$377.19* for the Student Services Fee, broken down into;
  • $188.09 for the Athletics and Recreation Activity Fee
  • $79.53 for the Student Success Centre
  • $109.57 for the Student Wellness Centre.


 *Effective Fee as of September 1, 2017

McMaster University fees, approved by quorate MSU General Assembly: 
$100.00 Orientation Fee for all Level I, full-time undergraduate students.